Our services at a glance,
A Building Survey activity is carried out to establish the condition of the building so that any existing defects and their repair costs are identified prior to a commitment being made. We are responsible to report to our client comprehensive information on the existing conditionof the surveyed building.
A Building Survey activities are suitable for all properties and provides a full picture of their construction and condition. It is likely to be needed if the property is, for example, of unusual construction, is dilapidated or has been extensively altered - or where a major conversion or renovation is planned. It is usually tailored to the client's individual requirements. The report includes technical information on construction and materials as well as details of the whole range of defects, major to minor.
We also offer our client a quality control at site which is critical to establish the qualities of the project that are necessary to satisfy client and end user needs and expectations for the finished project, once it is delivered and in use. Value for the money in construction involves completing a project on time, on budget and to a level of quality that meets those determined needs.
Our services fall in Building Surveying scope are :
      1. Dilapidation Survey
      2. Pre-acquisition Advice/ Due Diligence Survey
      3. Building Defect Investigation, Inspection & Rectification
      4. Construction Quality Control/ QLASSIC/ CONQUAS
      5. As-built Measurement
Successful building management requires team leadership and coordination, diligent project planning, and effective oversight of the delivery process. K&P Cove building management section offers guidance for the entire team to successfully and effectively carry out a high performance building project.
A well-programmed project will continue to provide value and meet user needs throughout its lifetime and will contribute positively to the environment in which it is located with a wide range of social and economic benefits. Early investment in planning, programming and design can help deliver these benefits and avoid unnecessary costs and delays.
Our services fall in Building Management scope are :-
      1. Project Management
      2. Refurbishment and Fit out Project
      3. Interior Design, Renovation, Addition & Alteration
      4. Facilities & Space Management
      5. Performance Green Building